Project Description


The magnificent valley of Breiðdalur is the longest and widest of the valleys in Eastern Iceland. It is surrounded by majestic mountains rising on both sides, rising over 1100 meters. The valley is dominated by the spectacular peak of Tóartindur, over 1000 meters. The height of Breiðdalsgerði pass provides a terrific view along the length of the valley, including remnants of the heavily eroded central volcano once active here. The impressive Breiðdalsá river, famous for salmon fishing winds its way across the valley basin towards the sea.

Breiðdalsvík village lies on the coast with excellent seascapes, and black sandy beaches and has a population of 186 people. The first house of Breiðdalsvík was built in 1883 and soon after a co-operative shop was built, the village started for form. The Co-op still exists and has been rebuilt to house a geological centre to give the volcanic history of Breiðdalur justice along with the origins of the colourful minerals. The centre also houses a collection dedicated to Stefán Einarsson, a linguist, and his research on the Icelandic language. The area surrounding the village offers great opportunities for outdoor activities such as horseback riding, fishing, bird-watching, and hiking.


GPS: 64.7922215,-14.0201325