Project Description


Eyjabakkar is an oasis in the East Highlands of Iceland. Downstream from the glacial tongue of Eyjabakkajökull, the Eyjabakkar wetlands are only to be reached by foot. It is the second-largest wetland in the country and is a site of immense natural beauty, located at 650 meter above sea level and has some of the most diverse vegetation in the highlands.

The plains are known for it’s varied wildlife with pink-footed geese, other birds and reindeer being evident. In fact, it is one of the largest nesting places in the world for pink-footed goose, with an estimated of 7000 breeding pairs. Striking ice caves form under Eyjabakkajökull glacier and can be entered in the winter and sometimes early spring.


GPS: N64° 46′ 5.292″ W15° 26′ 55.800″