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From July to October, the tours depart from the junction of road F985.
GPS: N 0,64 13 44,7 – W 0,15 41 59,3

From March to July the tours depart from Vagnsstaðir Hostel. 
GPS:  N 0,64 11 09,0 – W 0,15 48 58,6


Glacier Jeeps – Ice & Adventure in south-east Iceland offers tours with specially equipped 4WD jeeps and Skidoos on Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier, as well as day trips to Jökulsárlón and other spectacular destinations all year round. These tours include Skidoos, specially equipped 4WD super jeeps and/or glacier hiking. After the tour people can enjoy a meal at Iceland’s highest restaurant, Jöklasel at 840 meters above sea level, which serves as a basecamp for the tours and is owned by Glacier Jeeps.

The tours take around 3-4 hours, including 1 hour on the glacier. The tour starts with a scenic drive up to Jöklasel at the edge of the icecap. From there the snowmobile, super jeep and glacier walk start with panoramic views over the magnificent landscape with high mountain peaks and deep valleys. All necessary equipment is provided by Glacier Tours – Ice & Adventure and is included in the price, but it is recommended that you dress according to weather as it might be colder on the glacier.

Glacier Jeeps – Ice & Adventure are an excellent way to explore the magnificent Vatnajökull Glacier and the view that it offers. You’ll feel like you are on top of the world but be aware, you might not want to come down once you are up there.

I must start out by saying we had fabulous weather. Clear to partly cloudy skies. Four senior who had never ridden snowmobiles had a blast on this trip. The staff was wonderful and was very helpful to us. They gave us lessons before we left and took us on a magnificent trip. Our drive up to the glacier was beautiful and breathtaking. We had a very cool young guide named Bjarni. He also led our team on the snowmobiles and talked to us a lot about the local area. He is a young farmer as well. He helped make this trip wonderful for us and we were able to check this one off our bucket list.

UncDave - TripAdvisor