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All of this is awesome. First of, the two guides and owners Sindri and Steinar are both knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly. I cannot stress enough how great this guys are. The walk is not difficult and take you through some beautiful landscapes of basalt, river and ice up to the glacier tongue and finally to the ice cave. Inside is simply magical and one the prettiest thing I ever saw. Highly recommended if you are in the area.
David P - TripAdvisor

Glacier Trips is a tour guiding company in Vatnajökull region in South Iceland. They offer a variety of tours in the national park around the Vatnajökull glacier, where the beautiful nature meets the majestic glacier.

Vatnajökull is the largest glacier in Europe and covers around 13% of Iceland. Glacier Trips offer you the opportunity to experience it first hand. On the tours, you will be surrounded by stunning glacier landscapes. You will be able to experience the striking forms of the glacier and feel the energy of the magnificent forces that shapes it.

Glacier Trips offer tours that range from 2,5 – 5,5 hours and have an easy or moderate difficult level so everyone who is relatively healthy is able to enjoy the tour. They also offer specialised tours, such as a midnight sun tour, a Northern Lights tour and an ice cave tour where you can experience a spectacular ice cave and the beautiful blue forms inside of Vatnajökull glacier. Glacier Trip will provide you with all equipment needed and will ensure that you are safe at all times. Don’t forget your camera, because this will be an experience that you will want to share with friends and family.

The business is run by Steinar Kristjánson and Sindri Ragnarson, who are both born in Höfn in Hornafjörður. They have extensive knowledge and experience of the area around Vatnajökull and are committed to making sure your experience is as safe and enjoyable as possible. With their professional and friendly attitude, they provide a personal guidance through the adventurous trip.

Glacier Trips combines knowledge, adventure and extraordinary surroundings and will certainly become one of your most memorable experiences in Iceland.