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The Lobster Capital of Iceland

Höfn in Hornafjörður is a beautiful town and a booming community in southeast Iceland. It is dominated by Europe’s biggest glacier, Vatnajökull, which towers over the village and has greatly affected the surrounding landscapes and provide breathtaking views. The Vatnajokull National Park is located in the community and offers endless opportunities for hikes and other outdoor recreational activities. The most enchanting place in the area is the striking Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon that attracts visitors from all around the world with huge floating icebergs that have broken off from the descending glacier.

Höfn in Hornafirði is the densest populated town in the surrounding area and has around 1700 inhabitants. The region has always relied on the fishing industry to support the local economy and Höfn is known as the Lobster Capital of Northern Europe as a good part of the Icelandic lobster is caught near Hofn. Completely fresh langoustine lobster is the main focus at many restaurants throughout the region and should not be missed! However, in the last decades, the tourist industry has grown immensely and has now become a major economic factor in the community.

Höfn offers diverse services including hotels, camping sites, restaurants, shops, a local swimming pool, golf courses, hiking trails and various interesting museums along with two national park visitor centers. You can also find an excellent glacier exhibition, held in the old supermarket building, and adventure activities, such as ATV riding and glacier exploration of all kinds.


GPS: 64.4655523,-21.9895248





hofn thorbergssetur

Þórbergssetur opened on 1st of July in 2006 at the farm Hali in southeast Iceland. It was built in the memory of the author Þórbergur Þórðarson, who was born at the site. The centre houses a restaurant, souvenir shop and two exhibition spaces. One of the exhibition spaces is used for various exhibitions, with the other offers a retrospective of the life of the author. With impressive displays evoking impressions of past ages, it tells the story of Þórbergur’s life, from his childhood to his twilight years in postwar Reykjavík. The exhibition does not only provide an overview of an extraordinary artistic career, it also tells a larger story of the changes emerging in Iceland society in the twentieth century.

hofn art

The Hornafjordur Art Museum is situated at the heart of Hofn, and during summer it mainly exhibits works of Svavar Guðnason, however, in the winter the museum focuses on other various artists. Svavar Guðnason is well known and his work present a strong connection between his hometown Hofn and the area of Vatnajokull glacier.