Project Description


Located at an altitude of 640 meters and surrounded by sand and lava, Hvannalindir and its alpine vegetation are watered by the springs of the Lindá river. The name Hvannalindir derives from the angelica, which thrives in the area undisturbed by the grazing livestock. The area is a unique ecosystem surrounded by deserts. A total of 32 species of flowering plants and 30 species of birds have been observed in the area with the pink-footed goose, long-tailed duck and many other birds known to breed there.

Important cultural remains are preserved in the Hvannalindir area, including the ruins of an outlaw’s hideaway, by the edge of the Lindahraun lava field. The ruins were discovered in 1880 and were investigated by archaeologist Kristján Eldjárn in 1941, but he later became the President of Iceland. It is widely believed that the legendary outlaw Fjalla-Eyvindur and his partner Halla, lived in Hvannalindir for some years after 1767.


GPS: N64° 51′ 56″ W16° 20′ 42″