Project Description


Jökuldalsheiði is a moor with the altitude of around 500-600 meters, with alternating gravel dunes and hills along with wetlands and many trout lakes. These trout lakes once attracted farming families to the area. Some 16 farms were built on the heath around the mid of the 18th century, but the land was rendered uninhabitable when ash from Askja volcano buried the moors in 1875, making many people living there emigrate to North-America. Remains of settlements dating from 1841-1946 can be seen on the long open stretch of the Ring Road, between the eastern and northern parts of the Iceland. You can try out the former living conditions in Sænautasel but it has been rebuilt in the by moorland farmhouse tradition or explore the Highlands Farms Trails. Make sure you won’t miss Skessugarður, which is located near Sænautasel. It is a long natural barrier of boulders averaging a couple of tons in weight. They were piled up by the last glaciation and are considered a natural phenomenon sure to impress anyone.


GPS: N65° 16′ 60″ W15° 23′ 59.999″