Project Description


The Kverkfjöll mountain range is Iceland’s third highest mountain group. They are a cluster of peaks by a large central volcano at the northern edge of the Vatnajökul glacier ice cap.

One of Iceland’s most active high-temperature geothermal areas is located in the western part of Kverkfjöll Mountains, called Hveradalur valley. It produces an area of 3 km long hot springs that are nearly 1 km wide and can be found at an altitude of 1600 m. Please do not go onto the glacier or into the hot spring without an experienced person and necessary safety equipment.

The outstanding views north from the glacier take in the entire expanse of Ódáðahraun lava field, Dyngjufjöll mountains, Herðubreið mountain and even the jagged peaks that mark the distant north coast.

Kverkfjöll are often described as a place where fire and ice come together. There is a large and extremely hot magma chamber beneath the mountains that leads to the origin of ice caves that are well worth exploring. In the ice caves, you’ll get the opportunity to witness an extraordinary natural phenomenon in the form of a hot river flowing beneath the cold glacial ice. The ice caves are filled with hot springs and are one of the most spectacular and largest geothermal places in the world. The constant dripping of water results in the roof and walls are beautifully sculpted and the ice has a marbled appearance because of the debris embedded in it. Please make note that entering ice caves should always be done with precaution and it is vital to check the conditions of the cave before entering.


GPS: N64° 39′  W16° 42′