Project Description


Skriðuklaustur is an ancient farmstead in the valley of Fljótsdalur. From 1493-1552 the farm was a monastery and an extensive archaeological research of the monastery began in 2002 on the cloister runs that are now open for visitors. An Icelandic novelist, Gunnar Gunnarsson bought Skriðuklaustur in 1939, but when he moved back to Reykjavík in 1948, he donated the land along with the house he had built, to the Icelandic Nation. For a long time, the site was used for agricultural research, but became a cultural center in 2000. During summer, Skriðuklaustur comes alive with various exhibition and cultural events, with guided tours for visitors around the writer’s house and the archaeological site. In addition, Vatnajokull Glacier National Park has opened a visitor center in a brand new building that includes a permanent exhibition and an information desk regarding the National Park.


GPS: N65° 2′ 29.182″ W14° 57′ 8.205″