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GPS: 64.2589969,-15.215037


South East is a small family-run business that specialises in tours in the region of Vatnajökull National Park. They offer both super jeep tours as well as ice cave tours, but these are considered the best ways to explore the vast and stunning region of the National Park.

Their super jeep tour ‘Mountains and Canyons’ takes you to the wonderful countryside of Lón, that contains many hidden natural gems. You will drive over mountain roads and visit canyons and waterfalls and the Vatnajökull National Park along with the glacier lagoon Hoffell where you can enjoy the stunning natural scene. The ‘Lónsöræfi’ super jeep tour takes you to Evilsridge, which is of the pearls of the National Park. The landscape is breathtaking and offers uncountable photographic opportunities.

They also offer an exciting Crystal Ice Cave tour where you get the opportunity to explore the inside of Europe’s largest glacier. The interaction of light and ice is unique and the experience of being inside the glacier will be unforgettable.

South East is a very personal and flexible company so if you tell them what you would like to see or experience they will customise your private dream tour around the region. They can even recommend some hidden gems that are off the beaten track. The South East team is very knowledgable about the area and is happy to educate and inform about the region and its geographical facts. If you need more convincing, we recommend have a look on their TripAdvisor page as South East has only had excellent reviews from their customers.

There is no doubt that the ice cave we’ve visited with South East Iceland is amazing, beautiful and extraordinary..However, this tour would be just one more beautiful place on Island if not guided by an amazing person Siggi. He made this visit wonderful. Siggi – the owner and guide of this company is “simply the best”! 🙂 With a lot of knowledge and passion to his country and a lot of respect to the nature. What is more.. with great sense of humour! Really outstanding person. I truly recommend Siggi ad South East Iceland!

Anna - TripAdvisor