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Stretched along the north coast of Stöðvafjörður fjord, this village is the most southerly settlement of in the municipality of Fjarðabyggð. The village is famous for its scenery and the picturesque mountain panorama seen from the village is striking, and countless stunning natural features can be reached from the village by driving or hiking. Saxa, which is located just north of the mouth of the fjord, is a unique sea geyser, made of a shoreline opening the cliffs. You might also want to try some of the hiking routes around Jafnadalur valley. One of Iceland’s most beautiful natural rock arch are located in the valley, as well as the group of three huge rocks called Einbúi – or the Hermit.

Although there have always been farms around the fjord, the village of Stöðvarfjörður began to form in 1896. Farmers who organised seasonal fishing has been stationed there for a long time because of the rich fishing grounds just outside the mouth of the fjord. Though employment in the fishing industry has been decreasing, Stöðvarfjörður harbour still serves as an important part of life in the village and it is likely that you will run into some oft he local fishermen.

One of the main industries of the village is tourism, party evidenced by how the old village church has served as a guesthouse ever since the new church was built in 1991. Art and handicrafts flourish in the village with talented and innovated locals displaying ceramics, graphics and woollens. The fish freezing plant has gained a new role with the build-up of HERE creative centre, giving the fjord a progressive name in the creative arts on a national scale. The village is, however, best know for its variety of beautiful local rocks which includes a number of rare specimens. Visitors can examine these rare rocks in the outstanding Petra’s Mineral Collection.


GPS: 64.8341415,-14.4298731




Totally amazing collection of ticks and minerals. My geologist husband could not believe his eyes. Family run and lots of stories about Petra. Good cafe for a fresh bakery snack.
Gaelem - Trip Advisor
Unexpected treasure! The large stone collection and all the other little ones (pens, matches, key chains, etc) are so fun and interesting to see. Don’t miss Petra’s room inside the house. The outside garden is beautifully set up, and on a sunny day, a great spot to sit.
Miren - TripAdvisor

This immense and interesting mineral collection was founded by Petra Sveinsdottir, who began collecting rocks in the mountains around Stöðvarfjordur while still a child. She actively started building her mineral collection when she bought her house in 1946 and continued adding to her collections up until she was of old age. Her home and garden gradually became filled with rocks and minerals and it is said to be the largest private collection of rocks in the world. In a way, her collecting work had taken place in her mind all her life. She once said: “I knew where to go when I started my true collecting work”, she explained. The museum reflects the unbelievable dedication and passion she had for her collection as well as the unique geographical position of East Iceland as the oldest part of the country.

Petra’s Stone and Mineral Collection has long been one of top attractions of those travelling through the East fjords of Iceland and the museum welcomes around 20-25 thousand visitors each year. It is truly an amazing experience to see the lifework and dedication shown to the mineral collection. Many guests have a strong reaction to what they experience when exploring the collection and some even become emotional. It is one of these things that you just have to experience to yourself!

There is a lovely small café on the museum site that is well appreciated by visitors. It is open during the each summer (1.June – 15.September) from 10:00 – 17:00 every day.

Petra’s Stone Collection Museum has a great website – It’s full of information about Petra herself, the history of the collection and minerals in general. We thoroughly recommend to have a look on their website to learn more about this wonderfully interesting place.